Local government affects the daily lives of all Albertans, whether we live in rural areas, villages, towns or cities. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) defines how our municipalities function, the types of services they provide, how they raise funds for those services and more. During the MGA Review, we consulted with Albertans across the province, from many walks of life, to hear about how we can build better communities.

Please note that comments recorded in the summary reports and What We Heard documents do not represent the opinion of the Government of Alberta, nor do they indicate future policy direction.

Consultation Sessions

From the beginning of February 2014 to the end of April 2014, our MGA Review team held face-to-face consultations in 11 communities across the province. We asked what is working, what isn’t working, and what sorts of revisions you think would best support building better communities.

Each location hosted multiple sessions for different groups of stakeholders:

  • Public Open House Session where everyone was welcome to attend.
  • Business and Industry Session for those who play a role in supporting the local economies to discuss the MGA from a business perspective.
  • Three Technical Sessions intended for in-depth discussion of specific goals for the MGA:
    • Governance and Administration Technical Session was planned for municipal professionals and other stakeholders who are well-versed in municipal governance to provide input on how municipalities are governed and administered.
    • Assessment and Taxation Technical Session was an opportunity for stakeholders who are knowledgeable about municipal taxation and assessment processes to provide input on business competitiveness and support for municipalities as they fund the programs and services in their communities.
    • Planning and Development Technical Session was designed for planning and development professionals and other stakeholders with technical expertise to focus on how municipalities undertake planning and manage growth in a sustainable way.
  • The Municipal Elected Officials and Municipal Administrators Sessions were workshops for elected officials and those who play a role in support the operations of municipalities to provide input on the MGA.

Below you’ll find detailed documents outlining what we heard during each session. These summaries include the comments and opinions of participants during the sessions and were considered by Alberta Municipal Affairs as part of a larger review of the MGA legislation.


The MGA Review workbook was an opportunity for Albertans to dig deeper into the legislation and have their say on specific areas of the Municipal Government Act. The summary below includes the comments and opinions of Albertans who submitted their workbook inputs online or by mail. More than 1,000 submissions were received across all 13 chapters of the workbook.

Workbook Submissions

Written submissions

Organizations and individuals wishing to submit a report or recommendations for the Municipal Government Act were encouraged to send their input before June 13, 2014.

Written Submissions

Emerging Themes

The following What We Heard documents include the comments and opinions of participants, and present an overall picture of what we heard from Albertans during public consultation between January and June 2014. They reflect feedback and ideas brought forward through the consultation sessions, workbook, and written submissions.

Emerging Themes: Municipal Partner and Stakeholder Considerations

Summary of Inputs and Identified Issues

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