Municipalities have autonomy to determine the best way for programs and services to be provided for their communities. After hearing from Albertans, we worked with municipal partners to develop initial MGA amendments in support of municipal viability.

Corporate Planning

What’s currently in place: Municipalities are required to adopt annual operating and capital budgets, but all other long-term financial planning is voluntary.

What we heard: Albertans and municipalities have suggested there is a need for longer-term planning to address the full impact of present day financial decisions.

What’s changing: Require municipalities to adopt, at minimum, three-year operating plans and five-year capital plans, so Albertans have greater access to information about municipal financial decisions.

When this takes effect: Upon development of the related regulation by fall 2017.

Voluntary Amalgamations

What’s currently in place: The MGA enables a municipality to give written notice to one or more municipal authorities with which it proposes to amalgamate. The Minister may also initiate a municipal amalgamation. Amalgamation is one of many options that municipalities may consider to proactively address their long-term viability.

What we heard: Municipalities feel the current amalgamation process is lengthy and does not encourage a cooperative approach. Summer villages have advocated that they be able to retain their summer village status during amalgamation.

What’s changing: Allow for a streamlined voluntary amalgamation process. Summer villages with non-contiguous boundaries may amalgamate if they share a common body of water, and retain their status as a summer village.

When this takes effect: Upon development of the related regulation by fall 2017.

Next steps

These changes to the MGA require development of a regulation before they can take effect.

Check the status of Bill 20, Municipal Government Amendment Act

The plan for working together on the MGA Review includes a regulatory review consultation that starts in fall 2015 and continues until the fully revised MGA and all related regulatory updates are proclaimed together by fall 2017.


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