The Municipal Government Act (MGA) Review is a massive undertaking, involving Alberta’s largest piece of legislation and a multitude of stakeholders across the province. We want to ensure this public consultation is comprehensive, covering many complex issues.

It is important for the MGA Review to significantly engage Albertans on how we can build better communities. Municipal Affairs has prepared carefully and thoroughly for this legislative review and consultation, so we can produce the best result possible for Alberta’s municipalities and communities.


View the Municipal Government Act in its entirety:

Discussion papers

To prepare for the MGA Review, Municipal Affairs stakeholders and staff created a series of draft discussion papers. They are the result of a careful review of what is currently included in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and regulations, definitions of terms and processes, changes requested by stakeholders over the last 18 years, some highlights from other jurisdictions, and identification of potential topics for discussion during the MGA Review. This information will be used to prepare consultation materials as the MGA Review proceeds.

These discussion papers have been reviewed and approved by the MGA Review Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from major stakeholder organizations such as:

The discussion papers do not reflect existing or potential Government of Alberta policy directions. They are not intended for directly gather public feedback, but to generate thought and discussion to prepare for the upcoming consultations.


Assessment and Taxation:

Governance and Administration:

Planning and Development:

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