Review of Regulations

As part of the MGA Review process, all MGA related regulations were reviewed to support a modernized MGA and to ensure alignment with the amendments approved by the legislature in 2015 and 2016. The review has resulted in the creation of several new regulations as well as updates to a number of existing regulations.

We are sharing drafts of the reviewed regulations with all Albertans so they can see the proposed changes and how the approved MGA amendments will be implemented.  Draft regulations will be posted in groups. The first group of draft regulations was posted and available for public comment from January 31, 2017, to March 31, 2017. The next grouping of draft regulations will be posted on the Regulations Review page later this year.

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Continuing the Conversation

On May 31, 2016, the Modernized Municipal Government Act was introduced in the Legislature. A What We Heard – ‘Summer Tour 2016’ document was prepared after the Municipal Affairs Summer 2016 Tour, during which the proposed changes to the MGA were discussed.

On November 22, 2016, a discussion paper, Continuing the Conversation, was released based on the feedback, questions, and written submissions received during Summer 2016 on other modernizations that could potentially be made beyond the MMGA. Albertans were invited to provide feedback on the discussion paper until January 31, 2017. A What We Heard – Continuing the Conversation document was prepared based on the feedback that we received on the discussion paper.

Previous province-wide conversation (2014)

From the beginning of February 2014 to the end of April 2014, our MGA Review team held face-to-face stakeholder consultations in 11 communities across the province. We also received input through the MGA Review Workbook during January to April, and written submissions during January to June 2014.

What We Heard documents were prepared and include the comments and opinions of participants, and present an overall picture of what we heard from Albertan’s during public consultation between January and June 2014. The What We Heard documents reflect feedback and ideas brought forward through the consultation sessions, workbook, and written submissions.

Key dates

Fall 2016:The second round of amendments – Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA) were passed by the Legislature in December 2016.

Early 2017: All Albertans had the opportunity to review and provide feedback until January 31, 2017 on the proposed modernizations outlined in the discussion paper, Continuing the Conversation.

Feedback on the first grouping of MGA Review related draft regulations was collected from Albertans between January 31, 2017 and March 31, 2017.

Spring/Summer 2017: The government introduced the third round of amendments – An Act to Strengthen Municipal Government, Bill 8 – into the Legislature.

The second grouping of MGA Review related draft regulations will be posted on the Regulations Review page later this year.

Fall 2017: All changes to the MGA, including regulations, will be proclaimed before municipal elections in fall 2017.

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